Vegetable Rattle by maileg


Adorable, bright and soft the Maileg rattles are a super sweet addition to your child's toy box. - Who can resist Lady Broccoli? Her colourful fabric and soft touch will quickly be the favourite toy of choice. The aubergine rattle stands out in a beautiful exclusive Maileg fabric. Or who can resist the little peas peeking out of the pod. A beautifully made rattle, a must for any baby and a Maileg favourite. The sweetcorn has the most charming smile. It may make your baby love Corn on the Cobb for years to come. The Large Bell Pepper with a silly smile is soft, cuddly and the bright red colour. The happy Radish Rattle is sure to make any baby smile. Its fun shape and soft fabric will quickly bring a smile. Bright Green and Squeaky Mr. Leek is sure to brighten your baby’s day. This is a touch and feel toy with no rattle sound. King Carrot complete with a Crown! The soft texture and bright orange colour is sure to make your toddler smile. Collect them all and store them in a vegetable crate for freshness for years to come.

Eggplant measures 8", the leek measures 9.2", the peas in a pod measures 6.4", the carrot measures 6.4", the broccoli measures 8", the radish measures 7.6", and the corn measures 6.4".

All rattles sold separately.

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