Opinionated Guide to Kids' London by Hoxton Minipress

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People think London is awful for kids. Here is a big secret: it’s incredible. Where else can you find 3,000 parks, endless interactive exhibits and a magic garden where Henry VIII once walked? This is a grown-up guide to having serious fun with your little ones.

And guess what Niddle Noddle is in it :)

'An Opinionated Guide to Kids' London'. Text by Emmy Watts. Photography by Martin Usborne and David Post. 160pp, paperback, 112 x 162mm. Contains 51 places, an introduction, a map and ‘best for...’ recommendations.

Emmy Watts writes about cool things for tiny Londoners on her blog bablands.com and lives in Camden with her two kids, who’ve both visited all 51 places in this book (many, many times).

Martin Usborne is a photographer, new dad and co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press. There is no link between these facts and him getting the job on the book.

David Post is a Canadian-born, London-based photographer whose images feature on MAST chocolate bars, as well as in several books by Hoxton Mini Press.

This is the first edition.

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