A lovely kit for making sequined tulle pompoms. It contains a clever magnetic tool and all the materials to make them with ease. Children can separate the two halves of the tool and wind the tulle around the 2 parts. Once that is done, they put the halves back together, cut the yarn and make the sequined pompoms. Then they just place them in the fairy silhouettes to create 3 incredible hanging decorations.

 A clever magnetic tool specially designed by Djeco for easy-to-make pompoms
 An iridescent kit with elastic fasteners to store the materials.
 These unique pompoms are made with strips of sequined tulle.
 A detailed step-by-step instruction booklet.

Contents: 1 storage box, 1 magnetic tool, 3 cardboard fairy silhouettes, 3 rolls of sequined tulle measuring 10m (light pink, yellow, turquoise) and 1 step-by-step instruction manual.

Width pack : 18 cm
Height pack : 15 cm
Depth pack : 6 cm

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