A little while ago, shortly after my daughter was born, and when the world was full of wonders, my sister and I started Elfie. Childhood memories of fairytale storybooks and the traditional clothes we once wore became our creative inspiration. We used the magic of old England as the basis of our designs; rich colours, tweeds, and floral prints mixed with old gypsy bright colours and ethereal beauty.

We want to encourage children to explore outside, build dens and get creative, which naturally comes with mud, dirt and scuffles! Mindful of this we set about designing clothes that look like they have come out of a fairy tale, but one pioneered by robust children that frolic about rather than sugary sweet princesses. 

 Our aim is to provide fun, magical and durable designs and our wish is to see other families enjoying them from one generation to the next.

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Black Ozma Cape
Black Ozma Cape
Rudy Reversible Raincoat
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