Stilt Clown Mouse in Suitcase by maileg


Stilt Clown Mouse with Suitcase is not just very nice to look at, but you can also have a lot of fun playing with him. The 20 cm tall clown is wearing a dotted top, which has a pretty collar with diamond pattern. His long legs are red and white striped and his ears look really plush. He comes with a metal Cirque de L’Amour suitcase in which you can put all the necessary clown accessories, that you think a clown should carry with him. He is wearing a big red clown nose and a lovely smile on his face. He loves to tell funny stories and show you his newest clown tricks. If he happens to get dirty, then you can wash him at 30 C in the washing machine. This stilt clown mouse is an excellent playmate, and due to his outstanding quality, your child can enjoy his company, for many years to come.

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