Super Hero Night-Time Shadows by Moulin Roty


Great interactive set for story-telling. 'Ombres du soir les Heros' hero shadow puppets enable your children to be an action hero saving the world from a fierce monster, or a super sleuth searching for clues to find the jewel thief, or uncover ghostly goings-on.  Set includes 11 shadow puppets: the ghost, the investigator, the super hero, the robber, the 'BANG' motif, the little girl, the rebel, the monster, the gorilla, the nanny and the little boy.  A super variety of laser cut black paper puppets on wooden sticks that simply require a blank wall and a lamp/torch to inspire children to make up marvellous stories and characters. 

Can be combined with other night-time shadow favourites and the brilliant Shadow Theatre for enhanced stories and fun.

Suitable for ages 3+ years

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