Wooden Cherry Blossom Kokeshi Doll


Handmade Cherry Blossom Kokeshi doll, made of wood and hand painted in Japan.

This Kokeshi is carved in the shape of an egg in a soft, white wood (Japanese dogwood), entirely painted and decorated by hand. You automatically feel happy looking at her, with her smile, her long hair and her pink outfit adorned with white flowers.

"Kokeshi" dolls are Japanese wooden dolls created more than 150 years ago and originating from the Tōhoku region, in the north of the archipelago.

Of all sizes, shapes and decorations, these art objects with fine lines and shimmering colors, unique and handmade, bring an ideal Japanese touch to adorn your interior. Kokeshi are a precious gift for you and your loved ones, and symbolize in respect of Japanese tradition the fact of declaring your friendship or your love to the person who receives it.

Did you know ? Kokeshi dolls have also inspired famous Mii characters from the Wii game console!

Dimensions: 5.7x5.7x7cm

Figurine made and painted by hand in Japan by the craftsman "Usaburō"

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