The Cat, the Owl and the Fresh Fish By Nadine Robert


A cunning owl and a distracted cat attempt to outsmart each other in author Nadine Robertand illustrator Sang Miao’s charming, timeless fable, The Cat, the Owl and the Fresh Fish.

One day, Grey Cat stumbles upon a surprise in one of his usual fishing spots: a small wooden rowboat containing a bucket of fresh fish sitting idly. Curious and eager to snatch it up, Grey Cat seeks the help of a nearby owl, who is willing to lend a hand if Grey Cat helps him free his claw from under a log. But will Grey Cat choose to help the owl—or is he too eager to reach the rowboat and grab his newfound treasure?

“Aesop himself would be pleased with this original parable of brains outsmarting greed.” —Kirkus Reviews

Hardback with 36 pages

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