Alphabet Galopin ABC by Francois and Francois


The Acrobat opens the book, juggles pink and blue balloons. A snowman cut out on a blue background follows him and so on to the Zoo, which welcomes Tom the elephant, Beauty the lion and Charming the seal.
Twenty-six letters, twenty-six images, twenty-six texts around a universe that toddlers discover. The simple illustrations, delicately colored and funny in this little book, contain enough detail to indulge in the fascinating activity of meticulous commentary on images. We notice the little white rabbit hidden behind a tuft of grass, we point to the stars that blink on the image of mice or the grandfather who plays Adada with his grandson… while continuing to smoke his pipe !
Released in 1939 in the United States, this album was previously unreleased in France. His drawings, inspired both by Art Deco and popular imagery, do wonders, and this alphabet book can be shared by today's children with the same happiness.

Dimensions 16.5 * 23
Materials Paper from sustainably managed forests. Certified inks.
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