Fork Zig & Go 14 pcs Marbel Run by Djeco


A chain reaction, reflection and construction game in wood to complete their Zig & Go collection. The child follows the 3 models in the booklet to build their course or imagine others ad infinitum. This game for ages 7 and up is compatible with all the sets in the collection to invent even more ingenious action-reaction courses!

 Construction game: show skill in setting up the accessories and forming a course.
 Chain reaction game: the child discovers the ingenuity and magic of the movements that follow one another!
 Thinking game: understand the speed which varies according to the weight and evaluate the distances which separate the accessories.
 A step-by-step explanatory booklet with 3 models provided to guide the child in completing the course.
 A video accessible via the QR code.
 Imagine endless courses for hours of play!
 Play alone or with others.
 Quality and colorful wooden pieces.

Pack width: 32.5 cm Pack height: 24.5 cm Pack depth: 5.5 cm

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