Charlie and his inseparable companion Nut's tinyshop is an adorable miniature living space. A pastry stand and its figurine to place at the heart of fabulous stories, and a small table to place the delicacies. This sweet world imbued with sweetness and poetry offers a dollhouse decor and complements the nomadic Tinyly houses.

 A figurine and her companion, a piece of furniture and two miniature accessories included.
 A widely open flower stand to allow many staging and facilitate the game.

Content: 1 shop decor and its furniture (cardboard) + 1 figurine + 1 companion + 2 accessories (plastic).

Product width: 11 cm height: 10 cm depth: 11 cm

Tinyly is a range of adorable 12 cm figurines that are partnered with quirky companions to open up a world of imaginative play.

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