DIY Animal Party Photobooth Props by Djeco


Creative kit for making a wacky photobooth. Use the 40 accessories to dress up as party animals and create some memorable photos! Just assemble and glue the cardboard pieces onto the sticks. Children just choose their accessories and then it's time for a fun-filled photo session!

 The costume combinations are endless thanks to the many interchangeable accessories: no 2 photos are the same.
 The instructions provide step-by-step creative tips.
 An ideal activity to organize an animation with children!
 FSC certified product.

Contents: 9 illustrated boards with detachable pieces (8 animals + 32 accessories), 27 bamboo sticks, 4 sets of double-sided foam stickers, 1 set of instructions.

Width pack : 20 cm
Height pack : 26 cm
Depth pack : 4,5 cm

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