Bingo 1 2 3 Numbers Game by Djeco


Bingo is a matching and collection game about numbers and forest animals. Each player chooses a board and puts it down in front of them. The tokens and the wheel are placed in the middle of the table. The youngest player starts and spins the spinner. From among the tokens, they take the one shown on the spinner and place it on their board. The next player continues, and so on. The first to complete their board wins.

 2 difficulty levels thanks to 2 tile faces: 1 face with numbers and 1 face with dots.
 Made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard.

Contents: 4 boards, 1 wheel and 24 double-sided illustrated tokens.

Age : 4-6
Nb de joueurs : 2 - 4
Temps partie : 15 min

Width pack : 21,5 cm
Height pack : 21,5 cm
Depth pack : 4 cm 

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