Space Builder Game by Djeco


A game of observation and speed in which you have to be the first space architect to build your space city by following the instructions in the plan. The game is played over several rounds. Each time, you have to use the right buildings, turn them the right way ... and as quickly as possible!

 You have to be the fastest, but also the most observant so as not to make mistakes in the construction.
 A balanced game: the winner of one round will have to put down one more card than the others in the next round.
 A space recognition game… sidereal!

Content: 4 game boards, 4 sets of 8 cards and 20 challenge cards. Rules of the game in 10 languages.

Number of players: 2-4
Game time: 20 min

Pack width: 21.5 cm height: 21.5 cm depth: 4 cm

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