Foil Picture - Fireflies by Djeco


Create dazzling, shimmering pictures with Djeco’s Fireflies Foil Pictures kit. Fireflies is a magical foil art set with a fairy theme, a little like painting by numbers, only using coloured metal foil instead of paint.

Use the little chisel tool to tease out one of the numbered areas in the picture to reveal the sticky surface below. Then place the coloured metal foil on top (each number refers to a different colour) and use the other end of the tool to gently rub the foil onto the sticky area. Once the foil paper is removed, the glittering foil remains. Create truly eye-catching pictures – there are 4 of them to complete (Charlotte, Sarah, Mélodie and Mina).

Fireflies Foil Pictures is supplied in a sturdy and attractive box, with an elasticated strap to keep all the materials secure inside.

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