Paradisio Glitter and Gems Art Set by Djeco


4 silhouetted paintings in the shape of medallions to be illuminated with sequins and small rhinestones. The child places his painting in the box, reveals the pre-glued areas then he positions the rhinestones and sprinkles the glitter powder according to the color code indicated in the booklet. To display his creations, the child fixes the small hanging hooks provided for this purpose on the back of the boards. What pride to admire the colorful plumages!


 The paintings are illuminated with sequins and rhinestones.
 A clean activity where the child works in the box to avoid scattering the glitter.
 1 clever tool created by Djeco to easily peel off the glued parts.
 "Salt shaker" type pipettes to sprinkle the flakes with precision.
 A brush brush to remove excess glitter powder.
 1 storage box with elastic closure to store your equipment once the activity is over.
 1 explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.
Pack width: 23.5 cm
Pack height: 23 cm
Pack depth: 4 cm
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