Oh, it's fantastic Painting and Collages By Djeco


A painting activity with fabulous results guaranteed. Children use the 3 brushes to paint the sheets - they can go wild! Once the sheets are dry, they remove all the pieces and stick them onto each “animal” card. Surprise - the animals’ bodies appear in 3D!

 A painting activity specially designed for little ones.
 Children can paint wherever they like - the results are always amazing!
 Table protector included.
 Animals appear in 3D.

Contents: 4 pre-cut sheets to paint, 4 animal cards to decorate, 3 bottles of opaque watercolour paint (blue, yellow and red), 1 glue stick, 3 foam brushes, 1 table protector, and 1 step-by-step instructions booklet.

Width product : 20 cm
Height product : 20 cm

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