OH ! LES PERLES - Alphabet bead Set by Djeco


A very complete box containing a multitude of colored and golden alphabet beads and several threads to create pretty jewels with first names or messages. An assortment of colorful wooden beads well thought out for an always harmonious result. The child threads the beads on the threads to make pretty bracelets, necklaces and charms in complete freedom.

 To freely create pretty jewelry for yourself or to offer to loved ones.
 Lots of letters to write what we want
 A well-thought-out assortment of pearls for a result that is always successful.
 An activity to do alone or to share.

Content: 6 boxes of colored and golden beads (4 of alphabet beads, 1 of golden beads, 1 of colored beads), a spool with 4 colored elastic threads.

Pack width: 21 cm
Pack height: 24 cm
Pack depth: 2.5 cm

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