This special birthday card is presented in a three fold/ triptych image. Each card is measured 6x12" (15x31.5cm) and comes pre-folded with a green envelope. The card features a lion and a cheetah in their safari African habitat with the woven text read "Happy birthday", which shall put a smile to your recipient's face, especially those young ones or those travel lovers. Each piece is originally hand designed and elaborately cut, which then be laser produced on 300gsm stock paper.

 Proudly produced and hand finished in our North London studio, United Kingdom.

Dimensions 6x12”

A storyteller at heart, Chau hand draws her visual stories and turn them into these whimsical card designs. Each design is embedded with characters and visuals from fragments of dreams, childhood memories to pure imagination. 

 Each item is hand drawn and cut to preserve its most natural feel.

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