General Coquelicot by Elisabeth Ivanovsky


General poppy

On his wheat-eared horse, General Coquelicot takes us on a joyful ride, in successive paintings populated by small beings as playful as delicate. The narration, in the form of comments, follows the image very closely, without concern for articulation, but nevertheless composing a real story with its twists and turns, where we discover General Coquelicot busy narrating his own adventures to a young poppy: "And all this happened to me! "
Released in 1944, the Sans-Souci collection, consisting of four small books, is one of Elisabeth Ivanovsky's most charming creations. The thoroughness of the details of nature creates lively and complex paintings, a tiny theater of nature, where the eyes of small readers wander and marvel, in a format suitable for their little hands!

Dimensions 15.5 * 15
Materials Paper from sustainably managed forests. Certified inks.
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