Ninja Magnetic Darts Game by Janod


 Flaunt your ninja-like precision by challenging your friends or family to a game of darts!

Nothing could be simpler with it comes to this hanging magnetic dartboard for children aged 4 years and up! Learn to aim in a safe environment, thanks to these magnetic darts which adhere as if by magic to this party game’s target! Their flat tip allow for risk-free play, even with little ones.

This ninja version boasts bright colours and characters who have as much energy as your children. Children can have fun on both sides of the game and move from one scene to the other, according to their mood. Opponents will have 3 darts each (3 red and 3 yellow) as they try to hit the higher numbered areas. The player with the most points wins!

 Use the string to hang the target on the wall. This game of skill is ideal for developing children's dexterity and concentration. It will be perfect for family fun or entertaining little ones at a birthday party. O

nce the game has been won (or lost), the target and darts are stored in their closed box to ensure that nothing goes astray.

 Measures 44x4x65cm

Made from magnetic fabric, with plastic darts

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