Les JO des Animaux by Virginie Morgand


Attention, on your marks, get set? 2 whistles for the start, there is 1 cup to win. We have already put 3 hedges on the ground on 4 lines drawn on the ground. A record is broken by the number 5, "6 meters" tells us the referee ...
Virginie Morgand created this book to teach the little ones to count while having fun. The animals drag us along in their Olympic Games: weightlifter bears, fast felines, hippos in leotards, all under the watchful eye of a referee mounted on a giraffe. Everything is in motion and we run quickly quickly to the end of the book ... to start over at the beginning.

36 pages. 18.5 x 26 cm

Paper from sustainably managed forests.
Certified inks.

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