Seren Teething Hexagon Necklace by Lara & Ollie


We are VERY excited to have joined forces with the amazing team at Kokoso Baby to design and launch a fab new limited edition 'Seren' necklace.

Influenced by their brand and colour palettes and named after their gorgeous daughter, the original Kososo baby, Seren, each one of these stylish new necklace designs ordered will include a sample pack of this marvellous multipurpose coconut oil moisturiser.

Loaded with natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away, Kokoso Baby is the highest quality fresh-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil and nothing else. We've been lathering it on our kids since they were little, as well as using it ourselves, and we genuinely can't recommend it enough!

Many mums choose to stop wearing jewellery once their babies reach a certain age due to grabbing fingers and chewy mouths. However, the Lara & Ollie silicone teething necklaces mean you can carry on wearing jewellery every day and feel like you've made a bit of an effort. 

Designed and handmade in the UK, these stylish accessories feature distinctive and colourful hexagonal beads in a range of eye catching designs, across grey, cream and black nylon satin cord. The necklaces, which look nothing like a teething item, are soft and comfortable to wear and have a breakaway safety clasp so when chewing gets a bit zealous no damage is done. 

Not only are the beads soothing for sore gums, little eyes are immediately drawn to their bright colours and interesting shape so they’re a good distraction when your baby is sat on your knee or having a good wriggle. 

They are super versatile; we put them through some rigorous testing with our babies; they are chewed and gnawed, fiddled with by sticky fingers; including Weetabix, banana, mud and sand and are been tugged pretty hard too. With a quick wipe or a rinse in soapy water and a few minutes drying, they come out as good as new.

Each necklace also has a coordinating Lara & Ollie bangle, or set of bangles. They are the perfect stylish accessory for mums and grown ups. We even wear them out without the kids!

The beads meet the Europe-wide children’s safety standard EN71 (Parts 1,2 & 3) having been tested by the manufacturer, as well as independently tested in the UK by Lara & Ollie Limited. They also meet the relevant regulations in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada. 

They are made from high-quality food grade silicone; a material commonly used in teething products as it’s odourless, tasteless and will not support the growth of bacteria or mould. They are non-toxic; free from BPA, PVC, phthalate, latex, cadmium, lead and heavy metals and have been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Each necklace features a satin nylon cord and a breakaway safety clasp, neither of which are designed to be chewed. 

We recommend that you wash your Lara & Ollie teething necklace before use and regularly check the beads, cord and clasp for any defects to ensure they continue to be safe. If the beads or clasp become detached from the necklace they may become a choke hazard. 

The necklaces are NOT toys. They should be worn by adults only and should NEVER be worn by, or left unattended with babies or children. Adult supervision is always required. 

Approx length 72cm.

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