Art kit for 7 years and over

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Mini Daisy Breba Beads
Dinosaur Mosaics by Djeco
DIY Magic Wands by Djeco
DIY Gentle Mermaid Lucille Michelli Dreamcatcher by Djeco
DIY Mosaic Pirate Swords by Djeco
Natural Settings Stamps to Engrave and Print by Djeco
Oana Secret Diary by Djeco
Only 1 left!
Do it Yourself - Woodland Beauty Fan by Djeco
Only 2 left!
The Swan Sculpture Workshop by Djeco
Sheet of Easter Scraps
Design with Paper - Collage Workshop by Djeco
DIY Sweet Night Worry Dolls by Djeco
Only 1 left!
My Botanical Press by Tender Leaf Toys
Only 2 left!
Watercolour Set Aujourd'hui c'est Mercredi by Moulin Roty
Paradisio Glitter and Gems Art Set by Djeco
Flower Girls Stamp Art Set by Djeco
Alien Robots Stamp Art Set by Djeco
Turtle 3 Colour Rice Wax Bath Crayons by Kitpas
Only 2 left!
12 Nawaro Wax Blocks by okoNORM
Only 2 left!
6 Nawaro Watercolour Paint Box by okoNORM
12 Nawaro Watercolour Paint Box in Tin by okoNORM
Jurassic Foil Pictures Art Set by Djeco
Only 2 left!
Fairyland Bead Art Set by Djeco
Patterns and Ornaments Clear Stamps Art Set by Djeco
Sea lights Sand Art Set by Djeco
In the Land of the Fairies Transfers by Djeco
Only 1 left!
Savannah, Desert and North Pole Transfers by Djeco
Only 2 left!
Fairy Box Multi Craft Kit by Djeco
Only 1 left!
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