Let's get Ready
Water Bottles, Backpacks, Stationary
Beautiful Prints
from Roomytown
Mix & Match
Lovely new hairclips
It's Time
SaltWater Sandals
Marmar Copenhagen
Robert Teddybear Fleece Winter Overall by MarMar Copenhagen
Olvig Teddybear Fleece Dungarees by MarMar Copenhagen
Aki Pebble Teddybear Fleece Hat by MarMar Copenhagen
Aki Bark Teddybear Fleece Hat by MarMar Copenhagen

Welcome to Niddle Noddle

Niddle Noddle is the children’s boutique offering unique and exclusive fashion, accessories, books, toys and home ware for children(and their parents!).
We aim to bring you new labels, many of which will be exclusive to Niddle Noddle.

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