Waldorf Flower Fairies

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Snowdrop Waldorf Flower Fairy
Pink Blossom Waldorf Doll
Bee Hanging Waldorf Felt Doll
Crocus Waldorf Doll
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Seed Baby Waldorf Felt Doll
Standing Yellow Tulip Waldorf Doll
Hanging Angel White Hair Waldorf Doll
Hanging Angel Ginger Hair Waldorf Doll
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Hanging Chilli Waldorf Doll
Hanging White Pinecone Waldorf Flower Fairy
Hanging Ilex Waldorf Doll
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Toadstool Waldorf Felt Doll
Only 2 left!
Seedling Waldorf Doll
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Rose Waldorf Fairy Doll
Blooming Branch Waldorf Doll
Daisy Waldorf Felt Doll
Daffodil Waldorf Felt Doll
Father Christmas Waldorf Doll
Hanging Waldorf Mini Felt Walnut Baby
Standing Angel Mini Waldorf Doll
Only 1 left!
Hanging Pinecone Waldorf Flower Fairy
Only 1 left!
Forget me not Waldorf Felt Doll
Cherry Baby Waldorf Flower Doll
Strawberry Baby Waldorf Flower Fairy
Only 2 left!
Clover with Ladybird Waldorf Felt Doll
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