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Niddle Noddle is your online children’s boutique offering unique and exclusive fashion, accessories, books, toys and home ware for children (and their parents!).
We aim to bring you new labels, many of which will be exclusive to Niddle Noddle.

We, Eilidh (the Scot) & Katrine (the Dane), the people behind Niddle Noddle are both mothers with young daughters and a passion for children’s design.
Living in Crouch End , a charming, leafy area in North London, full of beautiful parks, cafes and children shops, you’d think we would be spoiled for choice when it came to finding something different for our girls. In fact we were becoming increasingly frustrated as everywhere seemed to be selling the same things.
We wanted something a little more original for our children.
Something not every other child had!

So, we set out on a mission, and created Niddle Noddle. A children’s boutique offering just that.

We are working hard to find pieces for our collection, which we feel make us unique.
The majority of our clothes and accessories are sourced from smaller labels that haven’t yet reached the broader market.
We have carefully selected each item because we think they are very special.
Created by designers and artists (most of them parents themselves) who appreciate how important good quality and design is.
Many of our items are handmade and therefore one-offs.  We don’t believe in mass production and have chosen to stock only a few of each item, which adds to their exclusivity. We have been very careful to select timeless designs. Pieces which can grow with your child and are of such quality that when they are finally out grown, can be passed down for another child to love.

At Niddle Noddle we share a love for all things vintage. You will find things that bring back warm nostalgic memories from your own childhood, as we will have a small ever changing selection of vintage toys and books. Lovely to play with or just a beautiful decorative addition to a child’s bedroom.
Niddle Noddle is the place to find that perfect gift….
Gifts both mother and child will love.

We are very proud of Niddle Noddle and the things we have chosen for you.
We hope you will enjoy finding that special something you and your child will cherish.

Eilidh & Katrine

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