Tinyly by Djeco

A whole new world of figurines is coming to Djeco: meet the tinyly!

These delicate creatures are the imaginative, quirky brainchild of Virginie Brachet. 

Children between 4 and 9 will be transported into their dream world by these sweet little figurines, each of which is inseparable from their cute, slightly unusual companion

Inside each figurine pack:

1 figurine + 2 accessories

+ 1 companion + 1 mini booklet

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Luz Tinyly Necklace by Djeco
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Joe & Gala Tinyly by Djeco
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Anouk & Nours Tinyly Doll Figure by Djeco
Barbouille & Gribs Tinyly by Djeco
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Elfe Tinyly Necklace by Djeco
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