Sea lights Sand Art Set by Djeco


4 paintings on the theme of underwater life to color with colored and phosphorescent sands. The child places his painting in the box, he reveals the pre-glued areas using the tool provided, then sprinkles them with sand following the color code indicated in the booklet. Once the paintings are on display, what a surprise at nightfall: the illustrations are revealed in the dark!

Thanks to phosphorescent sands, sea creatures can be seen in the dark!
 1 clever tool created by Djeco to easily peel off the glued parts.
 A clean activity: the child works in the box to avoid scattering the sand.
 A clever kit where the box has a small hole to collect the excess sand and pour it into the wide-mouthed jars.
 1 storage box with elastic closure to store your equipment once the activity is over.
 1 explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.

Pack width: 23.5 cm
Pack height: 23 cm
Pack depth: 4 cm

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