We're so happy to be stocking fellow Crouch End mum, Kelly's first collection of her brilliant new brand girlstalktoboys.

girlstalktoboys is a fashion brand for children aged 2-8 years. It is owned and designed by Kelly Ekardt, an American mother based in London. She believes strongly in the impact clothes can have on individuals and has always been driven by helping people express themselves through what they wear. Equally, Kelly knows through time spent in the industry how the clothes we wear can impact society. girlstalktoboys is designed and manufactured in the UK as Kelly wants to help promote traditional industries in the community she lives in and help everyone involved in her supply chain earn a living wage.

Kelly studied fashion design in Missouri, US, before working in various parts of the fashion business in America and London. 

The motto behind girlstalktoboys (‘Clothes speak louder than words’) is inspired by Kelly’s daughter imagination and her quirky sense of style. Over the past few years Kelly has designed and sown the odd piece that she couldn’t find anywhere else. Clothes for children should be practical but not at the expense of style. One way to get around this is by placing compatibility right at the centre of the collections’ design principles. Children (and parents!) should be able to pick pieces from the wardrobe without having to worry what matches. Life’s too short for that!

This results in a deeply personal project. Kelly was driven to embark on this journey by the realisation that life is too short not to follow your dreams. Her ensuring fashion influences, including clean yet playful Korean and Japanese styles, were combined with her daughter’s imagination and the belief that what we wear impacts us as well as those who made our clothes.

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