Maileg is a design brand with a modern concept established in 1999 by Dorthe and Erik Mailil. The Maileg collection has a unique and authentic style created by designer Dorthe Mailil. The collection is based on contemporary seasons focused on Christmas, Easter and a separate children collection. 


82 results
Sealion by Maileg
Medium Dinosaur by Maileg
Small Dinosaur in Egg by Maileg
USB Chargable Mini Torch by Maileg
Micro Lace dress by Maileg
Mini Grey Bear T-shirt by Maileg
Only 2 left!
Mini Ballerina leotard and tutu
Only 1 left!
Maileg Mouse Sleeping bag
Mum and Dad Mice in Cigar Box New for 2017
Only 2 left!
Wooden Bus by Maileg
Soldier Mouse by Maileg
Mini Flower Tie Top by Maileg
Only 2 left!
Mini Ballet Shoes and hairband by Maileg
Only 1 left!
Mint Plush Bolero by Maileg
Big Sister Mouse by Maileg
Ballerina Dress Powder by Maileg
Ballerina Dress Mint by Maileg
Baby Mouse Sleepy-Wakey by maileg
Mini Gym Suit by Maileg
Only 1 left!
Micro Vest Rose by maileg
Only 2 left!
Knitted Cardigan for Micro Bunny
Grey Rhino by Maileg
Grey Travel Suitcase Tin by Maileg
Blue Suitcase Tin by Maileg
Mini Blue Pram by maileg
Only 2 left!
Bunk Bed by maileg
Only 1 left!
Best Friend Night Dress Rose
Only 2 left!
New Circus for 2016 by Maileg
Only 1 left!
High Chair for Micro Bunnies and Mice by Maileg
Only 1 left!
Grandma and Grandpa Mice in Matchbox by Maileg
Little Sister Mouse tulle skirt New for 2017
6 Bird Ornaments Boxed by Maileg
Only 2 left!
6 Classic Ornament Boxed by Maileg
Princess on the Pea Mouse by Maileg
Mini Kitty Cat by Maileg
Gold Paper garland by Maileg
82 results
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