RKO is stylish and functional, natural and comfortable clothing and accessories brand for kids and babies.Three young moms founded RKO to create beautiful apparel for the most important people in our lives – our children. We all want the best for our kids, thus we keep this attitude and put love in each piece of garment that we make.We are nostalgic when our moms and grannies knitted and sewed clothes for us when we were kids and try to include this warmth and homey touch in all our collections.RKO wishes to make clothes that you’d like to keep for your Grandchildren.
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Olive Pom Pom Beret by RKO
Sky Blue Pom Pom Beret by RKO
Pumpkin Embroidered Flower Balaclava by RKO
Mustard Pompom Booties by RKO
Marine Blue Rocket Pom Pom Hat by RKO
Dark Red Pom Pom Booties by RKO
Knitted Grey Collar by RKO
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Red Pom Pom Beret by RKO
Dusted Blue Popcorn Sweater by RKO
Grey Embroidered Flower Cardigan by RKO
Rose Popcorn Cardigan by RKO
Olive Rocket Pom Pom Hat by RKO
Pumpkin Pom Pom Rocket Hat by RKO
Red Knitted Pixie Hat by RKO
Oatmeal Bubble Baby Hat by RKO
Knitted Mustard Collar by RKO
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