6 "Unicorn" Colour Pack Nawaro Wax Blocks by okoNORM


Create colourful masterpieces in every shade of the rainbow with these OkoNorm 12 Coloured Beeswax Blocks - chunky natural crayons that are perfect for small hands. These large eco crayons are made with a much higher pure beeswax content (25%) than is normally found in beeswax crayons and are ideal for toddlers and young children who look to make beautiful woks of art. Ethically made with natural beeswax and other non-toxic ingredients, these eco crayons are kind to the planet and top quality too.

Each crayon measures 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.1cm.

Children under 3 should be supervised

The wax blocks have high covering property and good abrasion. High-quality nawaro wax blocks will stimulate your imagination and promote creativity. For children, artists and creative minds.

Made from vegetable stearines, pure beeswax (more than 25%), purified champagne chalk, lanolin (wool fat), silica acid, high share of food paint, with well-chosen organic pigments, stabilized earth- and mineral pigments


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