Cat Watch by Lucille Michieli

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A fun practical watch for children who have recently mastered, or are still learning to tell the time on an analog clock. Available in a cheerful range of designs, this particular one features a handsome tiger (coloured orange, black and white). 

The watch has fabric straps (orange and black tiger print design) and an orange plastic buckle.  It benefits from being shockproof and splashproof at 3ATM (can survive the rain or small accidental splashes). Not suitable for swimming, showering or bathing.

We love the easy to read numbers. Too many children's watches get carried away with the design at the cost of easy time telling. Not an issue here. The outside ring of digits on the watch face count the minutes in the hour, with the inner darker digits marking the hours. A helpful way to aid young learners.  

Polyester strap measures 20cm x 14mm . 

Silent Japanese movement. This watch has 3 hands (minute, hour and second). 

Battery included.

2 year warranty. Comes boxed. 

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