Shapes and Bubbles Birds by Djeco

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A collage activity to gently dress the 3 birds with pompoms. Following the models in the explanatory booklet, the child sticks the colored pompoms on the self-adhesive parts of the 3 silhouetted paintings. Surprise, 3 soft birds to caress appear!

 A collage activity from 3 years old.
 More than 200 pompoms to glue.
The surfaces where the pompoms are glued are self-adhesive.
Durable cards, made from very thick cardboard.
An explanatory booklet in images and color.
An FSC® certified paper and cardboard product.

3 birds silhouetted in thick cardboard, with self-adhesive areas, 200 pompoms to stick on and 1 step-by-step explanatory booklet.

Product width: 20 cm
Product height: 26 cm

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