Create with Bloating Paper Art Set by Djeco


A first new experience from 3 years old. The child removes a shape from blotting paper and places it on the absorbent paper. He applies a few dots of felt-tip pen, then place a drop of water on top using the pipette: The ink then diffuses... An incredible result! Once the drawing is dry, he fixes it with double-sided tape on the illustrated backgrounds and can decorate his room.

A simple step-by-step for an unprecedented result.
A fun experience: observing a fun phenomenon.
An explanatory booklet in color and images only.
Packaging in FSC® certified cardboard.

4 illustrated backgrounds. 8 pre-cut blotting sheets. 4 markers. 2 absorbent sheets. 1 pipette. Double-sided stickers. 1 explanatory booklet.

Pack width: 29.5 cm
Pack height: 23 cm
Pack depth: 4.30 cm

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