Maxi Butterfly Kite by Djeco


Maxi Butterfly is a giant butterfly-shaped kite in shimmering colours. It looks great in the sky!

Dimensions: 96 x 61.5 cm (+ 250 cm tail)

 Easy-to-assemble pop-up kite: 2 pieces to assemble, a handle to tie on, and it’s ready!
 Lift-off is a breeze and the kite is lightweight and easy to handle.
 One storage pouch.

Contents: 1 single-line kite (polyester and fibreglass poles), with 1 handle (line length 40 m) and 1 storage pouch.

Width product : 96 cm
Height product : 62 cm
Depth product : 250 cm

Width pack : 13 cm
Height pack : 72 cm
Depth pack : 2 cm


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