DIY Dahlia Decorative Wreath to Create by Djeco


A complete creative kit to make a decorative flower crown. To do this, the child will learn the technique of creating tissue paper flowers which he will assemble with the other delicately illustrated elements to create a delightful decorative wreath which will embellish a door or a room.

For a natural look, the ring is made of bamboo and the raffia thread identical to those used by professional florists.
A very accessible technique for making elegant and stunning tissue paper flowers.
The step-by-step instructions detailed in the instructions guide the child through all the stages of their creation.
An FSC® certified paper and cardboard product.

1 bamboo ring (18 cm), 20 sheets of tissue paper (2 colors), 3.5 m of raffia wire, 59 pre-drilled illustrated elements, 1 detailed step-by-step sheet.
Pack width: 20 cm
Pack height: 20.20 cm
Pack depth: 3.7 cm
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