DIY Plant Press and Herbarium to Make by Djeco


Here is a great activity to help children discover the beauty of nature: designing a herbarium. This creative kit includes a press that can be assembled and taken out with you to collect plants, and a 24-page herbarium. Once pressed and dried, children will get to see just how beautiful their plants are: they can collect them and keep them in their pretty herbarium with a note of their name, and place and date of harvest – just like a real botanist!

24-page herbarium.
 Introduces children to the beauty of the plant world.
 Portable, easy-open and close press.
 Instructions provide step-by-step creative tips.
 A fun solo or family activity.
 Made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard.

Contents: 1 wooden press to assemble (2 illustrated and perforated 18 x 18 cm FSC wooden boards, 1 velcro strap, 3 sheets of cardboard, 8 stickers, 3 sheets of paper, 2 rubber bands), 1 24-page herbarium notebook, 1 set of instructions.

Width pack : 20 cm
Height pack : 20 cm
Depth pack : 4.5 cm

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