Reusable Stickers Book - Adventures at Sea by Djeco

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Djeco reusable sticker activity toys are a great value way of keeping children amused whether on the move or at home.

The pouch contains 50 sea themed stickers and includes two large panoramas (double pages of 44 cm wide) where kids can create underwater pictures.

In case of error no problem, the stickers are easily repositioned! Kids will be able to compose countless sea themed scenes whilst inproving their dexterity and their imagination.

This very practical box includes 50 stickers and 2 large panoramas (double pages of 44 cm wide) in which children will be able to place the repositionable stickers at will.

Presented in the form of a rigid pouch, this box is also very practical for taking care of children during a trip by car or on the train.

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