Halloween House Pop & Build Scene by Dapple & Dot


Tiny Halloween House - Spooky Haunted Wooden Cottage - Cute Ghost Home Decor Gift Cauldron Decoration

Come and join this band of trick or treaters as they explore the grounds of the haunted cottage and liven up your desk, office space or bookshelf. Each piece is made of sustainably sourced 4mm wood, and printed using UV sealed inks to ensure durability and lovely rich colours. This house will come to you on two pop out sheets - simply pop out each piece and assemble! A fun, DIY-lite way to make something cute and spooky :)

Please note: this house does not come with lights! You can fill it with whatever you would like, but I always prefer to make things into little night lights. PLEASE DO NOT USE REAL FLAME! This house is made of wood so is very flammable. I prefer copper string, battery operated fairylights, but flickering LED tealights would also look super spooky...

The base measures 15cm by 14.5cm, and the tallest part of the house measures 11cm. I hand draw, print and lasercut the wood myself and I am so proud of this tiny house and it's inhabitants, and I really hope that you guys like it too!

Comes flat packed on pop out sheets and ready to assemble - simply slot together your outer walls, then attach them to the base, and add the roof and the additional details! 

If you're looking to inject a little bit of spooky cuteness into your workspace or home, this would be the perfect addition. Or why not send it as a gift to a friend of family member? 

PLEASE NOTE: Although this decoration has been designed for all the family to enjoy, it is not to be used by children without adult supervision. Small pieces may be a choking hazard, and pieces should be treated with care to ensure they don't snap or scratch.
Please be aware that as wood is a natural product, each set will be totally individual and have a different grain to it. Depending on the depth of the grain, some pieces may have visible markings; this adds to the character of the piece!
Wood thickness can vary slightly from batch to batch, which may mean your pieces have some wiggle room once slotted in to the base. Don't worry, they are designed not to fall over! If any pieces are a little difficult to assemble, just give them a gentle wiggle to ease them into the slot. I would recommend not disassembling your tiny house once you have built it, as continued wear and tear on the pieces may damage the ink. If you would like your calendar to be extra sturdy, I would recommend using a little super or wood glue on the joins to make sure it stays together (although I wouldn't glue down the roof or you won't be able to store anything in it!).

How to take care of your Tiny House:

- If you need to clean any of the pieces, please wipe them down with a damp cloth.
- Submerging the pieces in water will cause the wood to swell and potentially split, so please don't expose the wood to excessive liquid!
- Place your calendar somewhere safe where pets and small children won't be able to get to it unsupervised.
- Some pieces have small details; to avoid the risk of snapping these, press them into the slots by the thicker areas, rather than the thinner sections.
- Please do not disassemble your house if you can avoid it, as repeated wear and tear may damage the ink.
- DO NOT use a real flame or candle inside this house! It is made of wood so it is flammable!

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