Push Along Dinosaur Anklylosaurus by Janod


Get ready for a roaring adventure with these delightful dino push alongs.

These wooden push-along dinos by Janod  are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp. Meet the Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus with an impressive backbone made of felt. The Triceratops with its big horns & the Diplodocus, recognisable by its long neck, the T-rex and their big protruding teeth or the Spinosaurus with a large felt sheet on its back.
Designed with vibrant colors and adorable details, these push along dinos bring a burst of excitement to your little one's playtime. Each dino features a sturdy wooden body, ensuring durability as they embark on countless epic journeys across your living room, backyard, or even through the Jurassic jungles of their imagination!

Ideal for developing fine motor skills and imagination.

Made from teawood with safe water-based paints and silent wheels these dinos are the perfect small gift...which one will you choose?

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