Secret Jungle Wooden Jewelry To Create by Janod


 These are beautiful wooden jewelry!

With this creative kit, children aged 4 and over will easily make a pretty set: 2 rings, 1 necklace and 1 bracelet. On the theme of the jungle, these 4 wooden jewels are as pleasant to create as they are to wear for little ones!

Making jewelry with beads allows children to develop their fine motor skills and creativity, they also learn to make sequences of colors or by size, for jewelry with the most beautiful effect. This creative leisure box contains: 2 silhouetted and printed wooden beads, 3 round and printed wooden beads, 33 round and colored wooden beads, 22 golden wooden beads, 2 rings with flat and printed wooden beads, 1 board of 8 rhinestones and 1 elastic thread. A booklet with models and instructions is included, for an independent activity or accompanied by an adult. The wood is robust and very pleasant to wear, the vibrant prints and golden beads give the jewelry a certain personality.

The other asset of this creative box is its super nice box! In fact, it becomes a pretty little bag in which you can store your jewelry, but also all your treasures and secrets. So, adorn yourself with your most beautiful pearl jewelry and unravel the mysteries of the jungle!

◦ The first jewelry workshop for toddlers, from 4 years old

◦ 4 wooden jewels to assemble, jungle animal theme

◦ The box turns into a small bag to store your jewelry!

Wood, plastic, paper, elastic

Dimensions 16,5 x 4 x 14 cm

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