My Feel-Good Plush Little Fish by Kaloo


This plush fish-shaped natural heatpad is the ideal soft toy for relieving baby's aches and pains right from birth. It has a removable cover and contains a removable pouch.

The pocket filled with clay balls and lavender flowers is to be put in the microwave or freezer for a hot or cold effect. Access to the pouch is secured by a Velcro system to ensure safe use. Made of soft fur, it will be able to soothe and relax baby. Its beautiful wavy tail and back are decorated with a ’Dance of the waves’ print embellished with fish embroidery that recall the calm of the deep sea and the wave of softness and well-being brought by the well-being plush.

Its generous size is ideal for warming up your child in bed and soothing him. Without a pocket, the fish plush can be used as a comforter and provide soft cuddles for baby.

The heatpad offers several benefit including temporary relief of pain.

The lavender helps babies fall asleep thanks to its calming and soothing properties.

Please remove the pouch prior to machine washing. Instructions included inside the plush toy.

Size: 15 cm x 25 cm

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