Halloween Paper Honeycomb Pumpkins by Ginger Ray


Bring autumn into your home with the orange and neutral tones in these Halloween Paper Honeycomb Pumpkins.

Place these around your home to transition seamlessly into autumn and bring a touch of spook to any decor.

Create a stylish Halloween setting by pairing with homewares and accessories from our new Pumpkin Spice collection.

Each pack contains:
3 x Halloween card honeycomb pumpkins, in various colours, measuring 4/5/7 inch.
Magnetic tabs included to secure together.

Packaging is recyclable.

  • Sustainability : We’re being transparent... We want to keep the party going, as well as protect the planet! We’re making a conscious effort to make sure all of our products and packaging are more environmentally friendly, and we’re also ensuring we share how our products are made wherever possible.
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