Red Riding Hood Umbrella by Shinzi Katoh & Vilac


Little Red Riding Hood is the perfect companion for a rainy day!

Your little one will be able to dance in the rain without getting wet with this original umbrella!

It is decorated with red flowers and cloves and features a clipless lockout to protect little fingers.

This fun Red Riding Hood Umbrella is ideal beautifully made and features a brightly coloured lacquer finish. Designed to sit comfortably in the hand with it’s lightweight and wooden handle in the shape of Little Red Riding Hood this is the ideal weather accessory for little adventurers.

Illustrations by Shinzi Katoh.

  • Stylish and colourful little red riding hood designed umbrella
  • Simple and safe for little ones to use in order to protect themselves from the rain
  • Wooden umbrella with a little red riding hood inspired design
  • Umbrella size - 70cm
  • Suitable for 3 years +

Stick in wood, structure in carbon.

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